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Real-time tracking of coherent oscillations of electrons in a nanodevice by photo-assisted tunnelling
Yang Luo, Frank Neubrech, Alberto Martin-Jimenez, Na Liu, Klaus Kern, Manish Garg
Nature Communications 15, 1316

Directional picoantenna behavior of tunnel junctions in the presence of atomic-scale defects
David Mateos, Oscar Jover, Miguel Varea, Koen Lauwaet, Daniel Granados, Rodolfo Miranda, Antonio I. Fernandez-Dominguez, Alberto Martin-Jimenez*, Roberto Otero

Imaging and controlling coherent phonon wave packets in single graphene nanoribbons
Y Luo, A Martin-Jimenez, M Pisarra, F Martin, M Garg, K Kern
Nature Communications 14 (1), 3484


Nanotube-Like Electronic States in [5,5]-C90 Fullertube Molecules
Óscar Jover, Alberto Martín‐Jiménez, Hannah M Franklin, Ryan M Koenig, José I Martínez, Nazario Martín, Koen Lauwaet, Rodolfo Miranda, José M Gallego, Steven Stevenson, Roberto Otero
, 2307611

Synthesis and Direct Sampling of Single-Cycle Light Transients by Electron Tunneling in a Nanodevice
Y Luo, A Martin-Jimenez, F Neubrech, N Liu, M Garg
ACS Photonics 10 (8), 2866-2873

Imaging and controlling coherent phonon wave packets in single graphene nanoribbons
Y Luo, A Martin-Jimenez, M Pisarra, F Martin, M Garg, K Kern
Nature Communications 14 (1), 3484


Selectively addressing plasmonic modes and excitonic states in a nanocavity hosting a quantum emitter
A Martín-Jiménez, Ó Jover, K Lauwaet, D Granados, R Miranda, R Otero
Nano Letters 22 (23), 9283-9289

Ultrashort Pulse Excited Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in Molecules
Y Luo, A Martin-Jimenez, R Gutzler, M Garg, K Kern
Nano letters 22 (13), 5100-5106

Real-space subfemtosecond imaging of quantum electronic coherences in molecules
M Garg, A Martin-Jimenez, M Pisarra, Y Luo, F Martín, K Kern
Nature Photonics 16 (3), 196-202


Ultrafast photon-induced tunneling microscopy
M Garg, A Martin-Jimenez, Y Luo, K Kern
ACS nano 15 (11), 18071-18084

Electronic temperature and two-electron processes in overbias plasmonic emission from tunnel junctions
A Martín-Jiménez, K Lauwaet, Ó Jover, D Granados, A Arnau, VM Silkin, …
Nano Letters 21 (16), 7086-7092


Unveiling the radiative local density of optical states of a plasmonic nanocavity by STM
Alberto Martín-Jiménez, Antonio I Fernández-Domínguez, Koen Lauwaet, Daniel Granados, Rodolfo Miranda, Francisco J García-Vidal, Roberto Otero
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-8

Prevalence of non-aromatic carbonaceous molecules in the inner regions of circumstellar envelopes
Lidia Martínez, Gonzalo Santoro, Pablo Merino, Mario Accolla, Koen Lauwaet, Jesús Sobrado, Hassan Sabbah, Ramón J Pelaez, Victor J Herrero, Isabel Tanarro, Marcelino Agúndez, Alberto Martín-Jimenez, Roberto Otero, Gary J Ellis, Christine Joblin, José Cernicharo, José A Martín-Gago
Nature Astronomy 4 (1), 97-105


Discrete electronic subbands due to Bragg scattering at molecular edges
A Martín-Jiménez, JM Gallego, R Miranda, R Otero
Physical Review Letters 122 (17), 176801


Tuning intermolecular charge transfer in donor–acceptor two-dimensional crystals on metal surfaces
Jonathan Rodriguez-Fernandez, Maitreyi Robledo, Koen Lauwaet, Alberto Martin-Jimenez, Borja Cirera, Fabian Calleja, Sergio Diaz-Tendero, Manuel Alcami, Luca Floreano, Marcos Dominguez-Rivera, Amadeo L Vazquez de Parga, David Ecija, Jose M Gallego, Rodolfo Miranda, Fernando Martin, Roberto Otero
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (42), 23505-23510

Long-range orientational self-assembly, spatially controlled deprotonation, and off-centered metalation of an expanded porphyrin
Borja Cirera, Olga Trukhina, Jonas Björk, Giovanni Bottari, Jonathan Rodriguez-Fernandez, Alberto Martin-Jimenez, Mikhail K Islyaikin, Roberto Otero, José M Gallego, Rodolfo Miranda, Tomas Torres, David Ecija
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (40), 14129-14136


Thermal selectivity of intermolecular versus intramolecular reactions on surfaces
Borja Cirera, Nelson Giménez-Agulló, Jonas Björk, Francisco Martínez-Peña, Alberto Martin-Jimenez, Jonathan Rodriguez-Fernandez, Ana M Pizarro, Roberto Otero, José M Gallego, Pablo Ballester, José R Galan-Mascaros, David Ecija
Nature communications 7 (1), 11002

Ph.D. thesis 2018